Advocate for dogs and puppies – Dog dewarmer

Advocate For Dogs and Puppies

Advocate For DogsAdvocate For Dogs is a topical solution that is designed to treat a number of parasites including roundworms , hookworms, whipworms, fleas, mites, and is also formulated to help protect against heartworm and mange. Bayer Advocate is also commonly known as Advantage Plus, and is available as an over the counter medication for dogs of many different sizes.

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There are a number of benefits of using this medication . First of all, it is a fast acting product that can eliminate external parasites such as fleas and flea larvae in as little as an hour. Another benefit of the Advocate for dogs is that it is completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting washed off of your dog after you have applied the treatment. One thing to keep in mind is that your dog should avoid water for at least one hour after the application of the treatment. The treatment is completely safe for pregnant dogs and even small puppies.

Active Ingredients
The two main active ingredients found in Advocate for dogs are Imidacloprid and Moxidectin.

Advocate dog side effects

One possible side effect of advocate for dogs might have to deal with when taking a pesticide type product intended for treatment from the outside is sensitivity to the treatment itself. While side effects are rare, there is the possibility that the dog being treated could become overly sensitive to the medication and the skin could become irritated. Itchiness could also result after the medication has been applied to the skin. In sever cases, which again are very rare, the dog could experience side effects such as redness, an increasingly oily coat, and even vomiting.

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If severe symptoms occur, stop the medication. The symptoms will subside on their own over time so there is really nothing further that you need to do. If the symptoms do not subside, have your dog examined by a veterinarian to ensure that there are no other underlying issues. You should try to keep your dog from licking the application, which could affect the brain of the dog on a transient level. The best way to keep the dog from licking the application is to ensure that you apply it properly.

How To Apply ?

Advocate  dogs is available in a number of different size packets, each of which is packaged for a particular size dog. The weight of your dog will determine which package you need to purchase.

To apply the treatment to your dog, simply place the applicator tip between the hair on the back of the dog until you reach the surface of the skin. The solution should be applied at the skin level so be sure that there is no hair between the applicator tip and the skin. Don’t be too concerned if you are not able to avoid getting a little on the dogs coat. The natural oils in the dog’s coat will actually help disburse the treatment over the entire surface of your dogs skin.

If your dog weighs up to 55 pounds, insert the applicator tip at a point in between the shoulder blades on the dog’s back. If your dog weighs between 55 and 87 pounds, apply an equal amount of the solution on 3 to 4 different spots along the middle of your dogs back starting from the shoulder blades and extending back to the base of the dog’s tail. If your dog weighs more than 88 pounds, follow the same instructions as previously mentioned, but be sure to use the right number of applicators.

How it works ?

Advocate for dogs , when applied properly, spreads evenly over the surface of the dogs coat which helps treat surface pests such as fleas and mites. It also soaks into the skin where it can then enter the bloodstream and flow throughout the body to help protect against and other internal parasites such as hookworm, roundworm , whipworm, and more .